Fantasy Overture to the Trojan War

Full Orchestra, 7 min

A musical overture to the world’s first epic.

As my first major musical work, I thought it was important to start at the beginning both in form (an overture) and content (Homer’s account of the Trojan War is widely considered the first story ever told). The piece starts with a brassy fanfare, then breaks into three main sections: a bright war march honoring the rage of Achilles, a cascading love-theme encapsulating the love between Paris & Helen, and somber funeral dirge foreshadowing the death that lies at the end of the tale and the imprisonment of the Queen of Sparta. As Helen is both the Queen of Sparta and the Princess of Troy, these two melodies overlay across each other before a larger thematic development, recapitulation, and rousing finale.

Commissioned by the Binghamton Community Orchestra and conducted by Cayenna Ponchione. World premiere performance February 28, 2010.

Photo Credit: Brittany Jennings Harrison