Musical, 2 Hours and 10 min (including intermission)

A traveling troop of 17th Century comedians have their artistic integrity challenged by a young Knave with dramatic ambitions and mysterious intentions.

Foolerie began development in the summer of 2012, at the behest of the late producer Robert Eckert. Eckert and DeAngelo had previously been working on a musical retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but, after watching a different company have trouble mounting their own version of Hollow, the pair decided to shelve the project and focus their attention on a comedy based on original source material. Santino’s Shakespearean training as an actor led him to this whimsical idea of using a musical mash-up of the comedies of Shakespeare as a jumping point to explore commercialism in art.

It began as an experiment of four scenes (largely pulled straight from Shakespearean text) and three songs, performed around Eckert’s living room in Florida in a project then called “It Happened One Midsummer Night”. The experiment was successful enough for the team to ‘green-light’ the drafting of a first act, which received a workshop the following summer (after Santino returned from his undergrad) at StarStruck Theatre in Stuart, FL under the direction of Jennifer and Peter Jones. That October, the team at StarStruck staged a second workshop of the now complete show, under the new title “Another Happy Ending”.

As Eckert and DeAngelo began preparing the show for the next workshop in Upstate New York, Eckert passed away suddenly. Using the last of the seed money for the show, DeAngelo self-produced the final workshop of Another Happy Ending, this time under the direction of Cara Reichel and Peter Mills, in June 2014 at the Goodwill Theatre’s Schorr Family Firehouse Stage in Johnson City, NY. This workshop featured a major rewrite, cutting the cast size in half and resetting the story to take place within the frame of two Elizabethan fools vying to please the audience (a setting that has increasingly become the central focus of the show).

On a whim, Santino submitted the show to the New York Musical Theatre Festival, where it was subsequently selected as a finalist. In December 2014, Foolerie officially beat out over 200 shows from all over the world for it’s chance to compete as a Next Link Production in the 2015 festival. The show has since continued to evolve and remains broadway-aimed as it works towards capturing the developing essence of the show — Foolerie!

Future dates forthcoming.

Pictured (from left): Olivia Polci, Patrick Richwood, Chandler Reeves, Patrick Massey, Geoff Belliston, Ian Fairlee perform at the 2015 New York Musical Theatre Festival.

Photo Credit: Lance Brown