Full Orchestra, 45 min

A Lyrical Ballet based on the artist that spurned the Goddess of Love for the woman he carved from stone.

Pygmalion is the first in a trilogy of musical works based on tales of love and transformation in Ovid’s Metamorphosis. The story explores the unique love a creator bears for their creation. I tried to capture this feeling in the orchestration of the piece, beginning with a solo piano and allowing the instruments to gradually pull the melodies/harmonies out of it. The idea was to let the audience hear the working out of compositional ideas on the piano before sound being fully realized in the orchestra.

Produced Independently by Santino DeAngelo in conjunction with a Presidential Initiative Grant from The Classical Association of the Atlantic States. World Premiere Performance October 20, 2010. Conducted by Cayenna Ponchione.

Scherzo Macabre – Excerpt

Pygmalians Workshop- Excerpt

Pictured: Amanda Thomas (as Aphrodite) seduces William Matos (as Pygmalion).